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CanEVA™ PETS is a natural dietary supplement promoting joint health, energy and vitality in  dogs and cats.  Elk Velvet Antler has been scientifically shown to increase mobility and quality of life in dogs and cats. Pets recovering from a tendon/cartilage or muscle injury return to normal activity faster and with less need for NSAIDs.

CanEVA™ is pure Canadian Elk Velvet Antler – no preservatives, no colours or additives, non-GMO and sustainable.  Every lot and batch of CanEVA™ PETS is tested for purity and potency. Harvested during the ‘velvet’ stage of growth, when the antler contains the most nutritional value found in the inner cartilaginous matrix.  Antler is the world’s fastest growing mammalian tissue. A mature bull can grow up to  50lbs of antler in 90 days!

The active ingredients of Elk Velvet Antler (Cervus elaphus canadensis) provide a natural source of:

  • Glucosamine – A building block needed for the body to repair and make cartilage
  • Chondroitin – A Protein that promotes joint cartilage growth and repair
  • Collagen – The main support of skin, tendon, bone, cartilage and connective tissue
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Nature’s Lubricant for skin, joints and eyes
  • Omegas 3 and 6 – For energy and cell repair
  • Calcium, Magnesium – To maintain strong bones and teeth
  • IGF, EGF, Amino Acids – To build muscle mass and strength

The Science Behind CanEVA™

Directions for use in Pets

Directions for Use: Dosing Chart for dogs and cats is based on weight:

0 – 4.5kg
0 – 10lbs
1/2 scoop twice daily
(for ease of proper dosing Capsule not recommended for dogs or cats under 4.5kg/10lbs)
45 – 22.5kg
10 – 50lbs
1 scoop twice daily OR
1 capsule
22.5 – 41kg
50 – 90lbs
2 scoops twice daily OR
2 capsules
Over 41kg/90lbs3 scoops twice daily OR
3 capsules

The full daily dose can be given once a day if animal shows no signs of change in ingestion. Introduce all supplements to a pet’s diet on a gradual basis. Add to wet or dry dog or cat food or can be administered orally on a full stomach.

Cautions:  Not for use in pregnant or lactating animals as safety in these animals is not known. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals with liver or respiratory disease, clotting disorders.

Keep Out of Reach From Children.

Frequently Asked Questions

CanEVA™ for Pets

CanEVA™ PETS is a nutritional supplement and no interactions have been reported with commonly used medications and supplements. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

The following article appears in Velvet Antler – A Gift From Nature by Cindy Ewashkiw & Marion Allen Ph.D., R.N.

In today’s society, pets have become an integral part of the family structure. Because of the importance of pets, owners have become very conscientious about the health and quality of life of those pets. With the average person far outliving their pets, the want for health and longevity of the family pet is certainly understandable.

In North America, millions of pets suffer from chronic arthritis and other aging diseases. The vast array of conventional drugs used to treat these conditions often has serious and even fatal side effects. Because of these side effects, animal health care providers are continually seeking quality alternative treatments. In Gallup, New Mexico, velvet antler, which has no known side effects, has had remarkable results on almost 80% of the 200 animals with clinical arthritis.

In addition to regenerative effects on joint cartilage and joint fluid, velvet antler also has a positive effect on the immune system. This boost often creates a feeling of well being, which affects the appetite and attitude of animals under treatment.

Why does velvet antler work better than some single nutrient natural products on the market? The combination of nutrients available in velvet antler provides a synergistic effect. The result of combining efforts of many nutrients shows a much greater gain than the effort of a single nutrient.

Some more positive effects of velvet antler in animals are:

  • Improved hair coat
  • Improved kidney function
  • Increased reproductive performance
  • Accelerated wound healing

All are important issues for pets from young to old.

Average daily cost for an owner to supplement his/her pet with velvet antler is generally cheaper than a cup of coffee.

Work is currently underway to study effectiveness of velvet antler in young animals of breeds that have a high incidence of hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is an inherited disease of the hip and elbow joints. The joints begin deteriorating early in life, leading to severe pain and loss of function. Some breeds, such as the German Shepherd and Labrador, have a greater risk than smaller breeds. Velvet antler appears to slow the progression of the disease and increases the animal’s quality of life.

There is also some indication that velvet antler’s use in puppies promotes bone and muscle growth. With athletic animals, velvet antler is useful in speeding up muscle recovery and preventing soreness after hard workouts.

In horses, positive effects are being noted in musculo-skeletal conditions, hoof and hair growth, and wound healing.

Velvet antler is not a panacea or cure-all, but it can definitely improve the quality of life for animals in a safe and affordable manner. It has a place in the diet and nutritional supplementation program of pets and is a natural and annual renewable resource that every pet and horse owner should consider.

If you are using CanEVA™ PETS Powder, use the scoop that is enclosed to measure the powder. Use the dosage table to determine the correct amount for your pet and make sure it is a level scoop, not a heaping scoop and sprinkle it on dry or wet. Powder generally is easier to give to cats than the capsules and it is easier to put it on wet food for cats or in a spoonful size of yogurt.

If you are using CanEVA™PETS Capsules, use the dosage table to determine the correct amount for your pet. Give to your dog like a treat or if necessary, put it into a piece of cheese or something else that the dog like to eat.

Owners often see a difference after about 2 weeks when their dogs jump on the couch or follow them up the stairs – something that was a challenge before taking CanEVA™ PETS.

Each pet is an individual and therefore timing to see benefits will be different.

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