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CanEVA™ PEOPLE is a natural dietary supplement promoting joint health, energy and vitality. 

CanEVA™ is pure Canadian Elk Velvet Antler – no preservatives, no colours or additives, non-GMO and sustainable. Every lot and batch of CanEVA™ PEOPLE is tested for purity and potency. Harvested during the ‘velvet’ stage of growth, when the antler contains the most nutritional value found in the inner cartilaginous matrix. Antler is the world’s fastest growing mammalian tissue. A mature bull can grow 50lbs of antler in 90 days! 

Elk Antler has been recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to balance the Yin and Yang, with benefits including pain relief, tendon and ligament repair, blood and immune disorders. In the Western culture, it is the presence of the active ingredients identified below that support Health Canada claims for joint health, mobility and vitality. For years, the response on inflammation, swelling and consequent relief of pain that comes from supplementation have been attached to the known active ingredients of Elk Velvet Antler. 

CanEVA™ is approved by Health Canada under NPN 80009684. A Natural Product Number is an 8 digit numerical code assigned to each natural health product approved to be marketed in Canada. Health Canada assesses all Natural Health Products for their safety, effectiveness to monograph and quality. No matter what natural product you chose, do your research and ensure the product is recognized by a regulatory agency. Elk Antler is also a recognized, approved Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM purports the use of Elk Antler to help blood circulation, increase immune response, vitality and energy as well as physical stamina. In TCM their wording is to reinforce kidney Yang, replenish vital essence and blood, and strengthen the tendons and bones.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yang is often depicted by a deer or elk. Traditional Chinese health focuses on the prevention of ill health. This is in stark contrast to western medical practices, which focus on treating an illness once you get it. Good health is a continuum of healthy life choices and practices.
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Directions for use in People

1-3 Capsules orally in the morning with or without food. 

Do not exceed 3 capsules per day. 

Cautions: Not for use in pregnant or lactating women. Consult with your physician before taking CanEVA™ if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or consistent fever. As velvet antler may increase levels of estrogen and testosterone, it should not be used in people with hormone sensitive tumours such as breast, ovarian and prostate. Do not use if you have heat from Yin deficiency, heat in the blood level, phlegm-heat in the lungs, blazing stomach fire or warm-febrile disease. 

If you experience persistent headache, nosebleeds or dizziness discontinue use. 

Those with a hormone dependent cancer such as prostate or breast cancer should not take CanEVA™. Elk Velvet Antler has been shown to increase testosterone and estrogen, thereby affecting patients’ hormone level. We always recommend that you speak to your health practitioner before adding a supplement to your diet.

Keep out of Reach of Children.

Frequently Asked Questions

CanEVA™ for People

Consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist before taking Elk Velvet with your current medication.

Two or three capsules are generally taken daily. As with any medication, it is unrealistic to expect immediate results. It can take up to four weeks before benefits are noticed. MOST HEALTH PROBLEMS DID NOT DEVELOP OVERNIGHT – NEITHER WILL THEY DISAPPEAR OVERNIGHT.

Those with a hormone dependent cancer such as prostate or breast cancer should not take CanEVA™. Elk Velvet Antler has been shown to increase testosterone and estrogen, thereby affecting patients’ hormone level.

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CanEVA Health Corp. Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

In 2009, Health Canada awarded CanEVA with a Natural Product Number (NPN#) for CanEVA PEOPLE.   Health Canada regulates supplements and natural products and to protect Canadians’ health, they require these products to have an NPN# before being sold.  Carefully researching peer-reviewed published studies and working with a Site Licensed manufacturing

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