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World Kindness Day

Put on a cardigan and celebrate kindness!  Yes, the wardrobe of choice for Kindness Day is actually a cardigan sweater (thank you Mr. Rogers).  Celebrating kindness in 2020 seems more relevant then any proceeding years and it is time to beat COVID-19 on a wave of kindness.  Some ideas on being kind, while staying safe, include:

Pick up litter around parks or in ditches, by yourself or with family members

Give a compliment to a grocery store worker, your postal delivery person, your neighbour or the first 4 people you see today

Offer to do errands for an elderly family member or neighbour

Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line at the drive thru

Donate blood, now more then ever blood banks are short on supply.

Be kind to each other and to yourselves.

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