Creating A Pet Friendly Winter – Part 2

In part 1 we talked about making winter easier for your pets with clothing and extra indoor exercise. Here are some other ways you can ease your pet’s transition into winter!

CanEVA - Creating A Pet Friendly Winter Part 2

Make Bathroom Breaks Easier

There are several reasons why a pet can be uneasy about going outdoors for their bathroom breaks. Their sensitivity to the cold, particularly in their paws and nose, can make being outside unpleasant. If there’s a buildup of snow and ice, pets may lose the familiar scent, and squatting in deep snow can be bothersome.

There are a couple of ways you can make it easier for them. The most obvious one is to keep an area clean and clear of snow. Make sure you shovel as close to the ground as you can, and that the space is large enough for your pet to circle.

They may still feel uneasy about going outdoors, so try putting down a layer of dirt or sand. This will protect their paws from the cold, and give them a scent they’re familiar with. That should ease their anxiety about doing their business outdoors.

Pet-Proof Dangerous Sources Of Heat

Your pets are going to seek out heat sources to relax by during cold winter days. But many of these sources do more harm than good for your pet.

Being too close to heaters can cause burns on your pets. Space heaters can put both your pet and home at risk. Furnaces and space heaters also pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, so make sure they’re checked regularly, and that you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector on hand. Fireplaces and even candles pose the risk of fire and smoke inhalation. Make sure your fireplace has a secure screen, and that candles are high out of reach.

If your pet is a jumper (as most cats tend to be) they may end up too close for comfort to things like stove elements. Offer them alternative sources of heat instead. Heated pet beds are a simple option, but giving them lots of blankets to burrow into works as well. Hot water bottles and microwavable heating packs are also good and safe sources of heat.

Consider Outdoor Pets As Well

Not every animal is lucky enough to have a warm and loving home to snuggle up in. Unfortunately, there are plenty of animals looking to find their own shelter in the cold. One common spot that cats, in particular, are known to hide in the small spaces of a vehicle. They can often be found in wheel wells or even small spaces near the engine. But once the car starts, the animal is at high risk for injury or even death.

To avoid this situation and keep outdoor pets safe, knock on the hood of your car before you get in. Once you’re in the car, give your horn a honk before turning the key as an extra precaution.

And of course…

Make Sure To Supplement A Pet’s Health Needs

Cold weather can exacerbate many conditions for pets. They may experience a higher level of dry skin, and conditions like arthritis can flare up with the cold. Make sure to add a little bit of extra care to their routine in the winter. A shampoo with oatmeal and daily brushing can help stimulate circulation and relieve dry skin. Adding CanEVA K9 to your pet’s routine can help relieve the flare-up of arthritis issues, keeping your pet active and happy.

Not everyone likes winter. But if you follow these tips, you can make sure your pet is as happy and cozy with the weather as you are! Whether that means playing outside in warm coats and boots, or snuggling up under blankets, your pet will be comfortable and content all winter long.

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