Creating A Pet Friendly Winter – Part 1

Colder temperatures and winter weather are on their way. For some people, they’re already here! This drastic difference from summer to winter can take a pet by surprise, even if they prefer to stay indoors year-round. So how can you make the seasonal transition a little easier for your pets?

Consider Clothing

Pets can experience frostbite and hypothermia, just like humans can. For pets who have short or thin coats, a jacket or sweater can be a big help in keeping warm. Jackets and sweaters, aside from blocking wind, will keep your pet’s fur dry. If you’re giving them clothing though, consider how heavy it is. You want to make sure they won’t overheat either!

Another important piece of clothing to consider is boots. Your pet’s paws are susceptible to frostbite, and boots will keep them warm and dry. It also gives them more traction on ice, which makes for a safer walk.

More importantly, boots will help keep toxins such as de-icer and salt off their paws (and off their tongues when they lick their paws). Even if you don’t use boots, it’s important to wash and dry their paws as soon as they come inside. Moisture and salt on the paws can cause cracked paws, and cause pets to lick. This can lead to infection. It’s important to keep their fur trimmed between the toes and use boots to keep their paws clean and dry.

Increase indoor exercise time

Between colder temperature and intense precipitation, it is much harder to get your pet outside for a healthy amount of exercise. If you can’t get outside, however, there are still lots of ways to get your pet exercising.

Most pets love playing tug-of-war or chasing after a toy on a stick. It’s fun for them, and activates their hunter instincts! If you have a long hallway or spacious rooms, tossing toys for your pet to chase is an easy and satisfying game. If your dog is healthy enough, you can also toss the toy up a flight of stairs for some extra exercise. Hiding treats around the house and helping your pet hunt for them is a fun bonding game for them.

Puzzle food bowls and food dispensing toys help keep your pet focused and engaged. Having to work for their food will help with their exercise levels!

And if you’re both tuckered out but still want some bonding time, many cats and dogs love to be groomed, so daily brushing can be nice for you both.

Make Sure To Supplement A Pet’s Health Needs

Cold weather can exacerbate many conditions for pets. They may experience a higher level of dry skin, and conditions like arthritis can flare up with the cold. Make sure to add a little bit of extra care to their routine in the winter. A shampoo with oatmeal and daily brushing can help stimulate circulation and relieve dry skin. Adding CanEVA K9 to your pet’s routine can help relieve the flare-up of arthritis issues, keeping your pet active and happy.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this week’s feature!

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