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CanEVA Health Corp. expanded our social media platform and headed out on the road, spreading the benefits of Elk Velvet Antler at Veterinarian conventions across the United States in 2019.  Our convention round-up will premiere right here in March, but in the mean time we would like to share what you, our customers, have to say about CanEVA PET and CanEVA PEOPLE. 

Our logos and packaging have been re-designed as well as our website, but the core mission statement has remained the same; providing a pure, natural, supplement manufactured to GMP for People and Pets seeking increase in mobility, joint function and improved quality of life.  What you have to say, and your personal experiences speak volumes.  We encourage all our customers to reach out with their stories and help spread the word!

“I actually recommend CanEVA™ for increasing the tensile muscle strength of existing muscles”…Dr. John Waterhouse, Veterinary Teaching Academy April 2018

“I tried CanEVA™ PEOPLE for the first time on Friday and I think it is a miracle cure for my gout! By Saturday afternoon I was walking with far less pain and very minor limp. On Sunday the pain had gone completely and today I would like to go dancing. I would like you to know how much I’m  loving your wonderful creation! I’m sure you hear it all the time, but thank you, thank you, thank you to CanEVA!!” December 2019, Mandy, Collingwood ON

A testimonial for your product:  “Our rescue dog, Charlie, is almost 16 years old with bad arthritis in his hips.  We feel that using CanEVA™ PET, for the last few years has made a significant, life changing difference in his ability to function.  We are so grateful that his Vet strongly recommended that we order it for him.” December 2019, NS, Texas

“Many of my patients have benefited from the analgesia derived from CanEVA PET…with zero side effects”…James S. Gaynor, DVM, MS October 2019

“Increased range of motion and greater vitality has been the great majority experience of dogs taking CanEVA™ PETS. I highly recommend it.” Leo K. Rosenberg, Animal Chiropractor

“Our Labradoodle started having issues with her hips when she was about 10. She wasn’t able to climb the stairs any longer and we could tell her hips were really bothering her. We had heard about CanEVA through a local health food store promotion and decided to try it on Marley. Within 2 weeks we noticed a remarkable difference. She had that famous Marley spring back in her step. She’s been using the product for almost 3 years now and we’re so grateful for that extra quality time she’s had. We swear by it!”  BW, Collingwood ON, March 2018

“I first found Caneva when my aging German Shepherd was starting to have trouble with her back hips. She suffered from seizures so I had to be very careful what I gave her. Caneva made her last few years more comfortable. We now have a German Shepherd/Bullmastiff cross who carries on like a small dog. She kept hurting one of her back legs and would hobble around for days, not slowing down to allow it to heal. I didn’t want to start her on pain meds so I decided to try Caneva once again. She now heals faster and seems to be in less pain when she hurts that leg so we’ve been giving it to her on a regular basis. It is an amazing product and highly recommend it for anyone with large dogs who don’t realize their size!”  PH, Ontario, Canada November 2017

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