7 Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat

A little while ago we wrote about foods that are dangerous for your pets to eat. But sometimes when their sweet little eyes are looking at you, it’s hard to say no! But there are human foods that pets can eat! So next time you feel inclined to give in to those faces, try one of these treats! They’re safe for your pets to share with you. Just remember that any treat should be given in moderation!


CanEVA Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat

5 Exercises To Enjoy In The Spring

Sometimes winter can feel like it lasts forever. But eventually, we get to shed our winter coats and soak up that sun! Now that temperatures are warming up and the snow has all but disappeared, it’s the perfect time to take that exercise routine outside. (Or pick it up again, if you’re a winter hibernator!) Here are six low-impact exercises that will take you outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Signs Of Arthritis To Watch For In Your Pet

When you’re not feeling well, it’s easy for you to fix. You take vitamins and medicine, you drink some chicken soup, you visit the doctor. But unlike you, pets aren’t able to speak up when something isn’t right. So when pets experience pain from conditions such as arthritis, it isn’t always easy to tell. That’s why pet owners need to be alert, and able to recognize the signs of pet discomfort and illness.