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The focus of Animal Pain Awareness month is help educate and inform owners about animal discomfort.  The more you can be aware of your pets’ health and well being, the more you can help your animals when they are not feeling well.  Pain management in animals is similar to the way we treat our pain, the only difference is we can communicate our discomfort with words, animals can only tell us they are hurting by their movement. 

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management was established​ in 2001 to focus on pain management.  As a custodian for your animals health, it is important to know the signs that your pet is unwell and save them for a serious illness or other irreversible issue.

  • Establish a relationship with your veterinarian for annual check-ups.  Schedule regular appointments and during vaccination visits check in about your pet’s behaviour.  Monitor weight, temperature, breathing and mobility.
  • Has it been a while since you’ve brought your pet in for a check-up, or are you curious about a certain symptom? September is the perfect time. You may uncover some important information.
  • There are lots of animals living in shelters, just waiting for their forever homes. Ensure that a pet receives the loving, pain-free life they deserve by adopting a best buddy.
  • Keep an eye on behavior.  Most often, behavioral changes are the most obvious sign that your pet may be in some sort of distress. ​If they are resisting going for a walk, lying down to eat or no longer going up and down stairs, your pet is being cautious about moving because they are in pain.
  • If you suspect something is wrong with your pet, they cry when being touched or picked up, use caution.  Often even the gentlest of animals can lash out if feeling pain.  The same way we want to take to our beds and find comfort under the covers, your pet is looking for the same safe place to nestle in.
  • There are many different avenues to handle pain management.  Anti-inflammatories, prescription NSAIDs are traditional treatments.  Acupuncture, laser therapy, weight management and supplements are another option. 

While designing your treatment plan please visit to explore the many benefits of elk velvet antler for joint health.  CanEVA PET is a clinically proven supplement to help cats and dogs manage pain.

CanEVA Health Corp. is a proud sponsor of the Vetvine Pain Management Seminar.  VetVine’s #YourPetsBestLife Series is here to inspire you to keep hope alive! Throughout this series you will learn from renowned veterinary experts about all that we can and should be doing to help our four-legged BFFs not just live with pain but thrive and enjoy a quality of life with their human counterparts.

The series includes 5 sessions. The Summit will be held live, online and recorded for viewing On Demand (after the live air dates). Sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings and will include time for Q&A with the panel of experts. To register click this link and enter code; EVAPet >

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