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Self Isolating with your Best Friend

Thank you to all our frontline, health care workers, doctors and nurses who are getting us through this difficult time.  The Team at CanEVA recognizes how fortunate we are to have an online business but our supply chain can only continue to function with the diligent support of the Canadian and American postal workers who are still out there delivering packages.

For those of you who are following the stay at home protocol, your pets are probably ecstatic to have you home.  Daily walks have probably increased, snacking is becoming more frequent and cuddle time is a new constant.  Fun things to do with your dog during self isolation:

  1. Play ball in the house.  Find a hallway or open space in your house where you can toss the ball and play fetch.
  2. Create your own agility course.  Set up chairs, buckets, ottomans, and jumps and both you and your pet can climb over and under obstacles, having fun stretching joints and practicing balance.
  3. Set up a treasure hunt by hiding treats under blankets, pillows, or in pockets have your dog find them.  Once he gets the hang of it, start timing how fast he can find the treats.
  4. Play hide and go seek.  If you have more than one human in the house, you can play a makeshift game of hide and seek.  One person holds the dog while another hides and then calls the dog.  See how quickly your 4-legged family member can quest the 2-legged.
  5. Spa day.  Most groomers are closed down during this time and not considered an ‘essential service”.  Now is the time for pet/owner bonding with a good brush and a bath.
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