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Professional Pet Sitters Week

CanEVA would like to thank all the hard-working professional pet sitters. It is a great feeling to know that when travel takes you out of town and your 4-legged friends can’t go with you there are pet sitters out there to help.  Finding the right pet sitter

is vital to your peace of mind and the health and well being of your pet.  Pet sitters come in all ages, size and shape but the one thing they have in common is their love for animals.  Pet sitters can specialize in dogs, cats, birds, fish or even hamsters.  We spoil our animals now more then ever, and expect when we need to be away from them, they will be continued to be loved and spoiled.  Options for pet owners are increasing as doggie hotels, resorts, play groups and in-home pet sitting businesses are expanding to keep up with need. A professional pet sitter will be trained in handling pet behaviours, pet first aid, physically able to handle animals of all sizes, have insurance and have great referrals.   Monitoring diet and exercise, grooming routines and administering medications are all added responsibilities for pet sitters.

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