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Pet Wellness Month!

So much is going on in October regarding pets and the people who love them!  This month is recognized as pet wellness month.  The health of your pets is important not just for your dog or cat, but also for you!  The primary two things you can do for your pet’s health is diet and exercise.  A recognized nutritious diet with the required nutrients goes a long way to keeping your pet healthy.  Read the labels and look for the calories, proteins and grain content.  Your pet can’t read…but you can!  The more exercise you and your pet get, the better you will be.  No matter what size of dog you have, a good walk, ball chasing, playing games and agility are all important.  Don’t forget that house cats need exercise too.  Spend time with a feather, a lure on a stick or a catnip toy and get your cat moving.  For older pets who are having difficulty with mobility due to joint pain or injury try CanEVA Pet to keep your 4-legged friends in step with nature.

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