Pet Groomers Appreciation Day

There is an old adage that if you have a bad haircut, wait 4 weeks and you’ll have new one! Finding a good hairdresser is almost as important as finding a good dog groomer.  Dog owners, and some cat owners with breeds like Persians or Himalayans, know how important an animal groomer is for their pets.  The current rage of dogs with poodle genes in their make-up has increased the demand for groomers.  Dogs that do not shed and are considered hypoallergenic do not have undercoats and their ‘fur’ is considered hair and will continue to grow.  Unlike dogs with undercoats who shed their fur and maintain a constant length and density, breeds such as Poodles, Wheaton terriers, Chinese crested, Yorkshire terriers, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Maltese (to name a few) require coat maintenance.

How do you choose a good groomer? Keep your eyes open and whenever you see a dog with a healthy, well trimmed style you like, ask the owner for the groomers name.  Ask neighbours, dog walkers or people at the dog park to recommend a groomer in the area.  What to look for in a groomer?  Experience, education, certification, cleanliness, references and a clean, hygienic facility.  Make sure your dog will be safe while at the groomers and don’t hesitate to ask to tour the salon.  Find out what kind of products they use, if a session includes nails, anal glands and ear hair plucking services.  A grooming session isn’t “one size fits all” as each breed requires different services.

Pet groomers are professionals in their field and their clients are a walking testimony to their expertise.  Compassion is one of the most required traits for a groomer, as their clients can’t speak for themselves and literally are in the arms of the groomer.   Covid19 pandemic hair styles were all over the internet during the lockdown and salons were closed.  Dog groomers were faced with the same restrictions and closures and when industries opened up, groomers were in high demand and overgrown, matted, dirty coated dogs lined up in droves to return to their glamorous looks.   

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