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Pandemic – 13 months later. What now?

Few of us would believe that the COVID-19 pandemic would still be paralyzing our lives, our businesses and our pretense of ‘normal” 13 months later.   How to stay sane when we are faced with mixed messages from our political leaders, emergence of variants and controversial vaccine supply is a question we are all asking ourselves.  There seems to be no right answer but only the core necessity to look after ourselves and our loved ones in an honest and true fashion that lines up with personal priorities. 

Health experts have been telling us to take care of our mental health as well as physical needs but even that can become taxing when each wave of Covid19 brings with it a new wave of mental anguish and what is being coined as Covid fatigue.  What is known, for certain, is that movement is important.  In times of stress the body reacts by building up stores of cortisone to use in a fight or flight response to fear.  If the body is under too much stress for extended periods of time, with no outlet, the cortisone turns against the body and manifests in headaches, disease, bowel and digestive problems.  It is important to keep moving to effectively move the stress hormones through the body.  Moving can be as simple as taking a long walk in the outdoors, getting on a treadmill, participating in an online yoga or spin class.  Any movement is better than staying still and although lockdown can deter your ability to see people and be with family moving forward, no matter how slowly is still moving.

CanEVA People for joint health ensures that you keep moving.

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