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National Rescue Dog Day

Congratulations to everyone who rescued a dog this year!  Today we celebrate the spirit of humans opening their hearts and homes to dogs in need and the dogs who return that love unconditionally.  When you are thinking about getting a dog as an addition to your family, we encourage you to check out shelters, breed rescue centres and your local animal control centre.  Dogs are often surrendered for financial reasons because their owners can no longer afford them, or given up because a senior owner has died or had to enter a long-term care facility.  There are a lot of well behaved, socialized, trained dogs just waiting for their forever home.  When you start looking for a dog, your local shelter worker is a great resource to team you and your family up with the proper breed and personality. 

If today is not the day you want to bring a new dog home, it may be the day you make a donation to your local rescue agency, donate your time to walk a dog or look into fostering a dog in need.

There are many ways to celebrate today, find the one that is best for you and the dogs we love.

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