National Pet Obesity Awareness Day October 9

Ever wonder what the expression “Fat Cat” means? A fat cat is a common term associated with someone who has made a lot of money, especially without working hard for it or by not caring about their workers or customers. 

This month the expression relates to the fat cat lying on the sofa not caring about their weight, purring contently when you rub under their chin and flicking their tail in that mischievous, I am about to pounce, way.  An estimated 59% of cats are overweight or obese. Yep, that’s right, a staggering 59% of cats are deemed to be overweight or obese. This figure comes from research undertaken by the Association For Pet Obesity Prevention ( and is based on the widely accepted BCS scale.  Keeping your pet moving, monitoring the level and quality of food, helps to keep your cat at a healthy weight.  For domestic cats who live indoors, year-round, keeping their mind and body active is essential.

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