National Pet First Aid Awareness

First Aid courses for your pet are available all across North America and we highly recommend that all pet owners attend the course!  The experience is a fun way to spend a week-end or one day (depending on your instructor and class schedule).  When CanEVA organized our pet first aid course with Walks N Wags in Toronto, we were not sure what to expect. 

This organization offers private classes for a minimum of 5 people and an instructor will come to you!  The agenda is well laid out and covers everything from choking to putting on a splint.  We were asked to bring a stuffed animal to practice the techniques on, or your own pet, so Mouffett, bless her heart, was again the demo dog.  She sat patiently as we were all tested on splinting a broken leg, creating an eye patch for a dislocated eye ball, and what to do if your animal gets pierced by a branch or fence.  Thankfully, the CPR techniques were taught on a rubber dog (exactly like human CPR) with expanding lungs and moving ribcage.  We were all a bit nervous for the final written test, but passed with flying colours.  This course gives you the confidence you need to be able to respond in case of an emergency with your cat or dog, as well as recognizing symptoms of illness and awareness of your dog’s physical health. 

They taught us that we should all have a first aid kit on hand for your pet so you are always prepared.  Items to include: wrap bandages, Hydrogen Peroxide, antibiotic ointment, gauze, scissors, tape, rubber gloves, wet or grooming Wipes, a towel or blanket and of course the paperwork – Vaccination and Medical Records and Emergency Phone Numbers.

You will leave a Pet First Aid course feeling both enriched and empowered to be the best pet owner you can be.  Look online for a course near you, get some likeminded pet owners together and make this a great time with a great outcome.

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