National Lazy Day

As the world has been turned on it’s axis a National Lazy Day is an ideal excuse to take a break and enjoy some precious “me” time, without feeling guilty about it. Take this day to sit down, relax, go back to bed for a nap, stream your favourite show or open a book.  With all the anxiety and negativity that we have been exposed to over the past 5 months take the opportunity of a lazy day to chill out. 

A “lazy day’ has gotten a bad rap in the past and people are so programmed to keep pace with a hectic, crazy lifestyle that guilt sets in if things are not done immediately.  Lazy could also be interpreted as being efficient.  If you manage your time well, get the to do list done in an organized and effectual manner you will actually be more productive and able to take time out for yourself without worrying about tasks unfinished.  It is time to invite a lazy day into your routine and enjoy living in the moment, focusing on just time for you.   

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