National Doghouse Repairs Month

Over the past 3 months people have been renovating their homes, painting and gardening as the Stay Home/Stay Safe mandate for health and safety allotted more time on the home front.  The month of July is actually designated as Doghouse Repair month. 

So this may be the time to look at the space your dog lives in.  If you have an outside dog it is important to ensure that their space is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, protects from rain, sleet and snow and is safe.  Living outdoors is acceptable if you have a large dog with a thick coat, such as a husky or german shepherd.  Toy or medium size dogs, such as chihuahuas, poodles, pomeranians, spaniels or pointers should never be left outside.  Dogs that have hair, instead of fur, such as wheaton terriers, schnauzers, any ‘oodle’ mix should not be considered an outside dog despite their size.

Doghouses come in all sizes and shapes, should be insulated and waterproof.  As with any building on structure maintenance is a must and a yearly inspection of your dogs outdoor living conditions should be performed.  Check for leaks in the roof, holes in the wall or flooring.  Climate, region, and space allowance all play a part in your dog’s outside abode, as well as your dog’s size, age, and health.

The best dog house designs are built to last, no matter the season or wear and tear. Even better, they’re built to compliment your own home. After all, your dog’s house is an addition to your own, and should reflect all that you value and take joy in. Nothing beats the loyalty and companionship of a loving dog, and your dog deserves the best you can provide in return.

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