Making Walking Fun

Getting out and walking has always been touted as an easy, healthy, inexpensive activity.  All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and you are good to go!  Walking helps lower cholesterol, lose weight, increase heart health and respiration rate.  Did you know that a 180 pound person burns off 100 calories a mile and a 120 pound person burns around 65 calories per mile?

Your walking speed matters, but it is not a huge factor, just maintaining forward motion is a bonus! There are many ways you can make a walk, more than just a walk.  With today’s technology you can listen to your favourite podcast, enriching your mind and body simultaneously.  (Just make sure you stay attentive to your surroundings).  Group walks are also a good idea in the current pandemic environment, just stay outside at a safe social distance. Change up your walking by altering your route, your speed, and even your stride! Try moving between heel-toe, to toe-heel for a few steps, giving your calf muscles a nice stretch.  Make a portion of your walk a ‘silly’ step and wave your arms around, move your head back and forth and make pinwheels with your arms. “Walk like nobody is watching”!

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