June is Adopt a cat month – What is the best age of cat for your family?

Is it time to add a furry, feline, friend to your family?  This month focuses on Cat Adoption and finding a forever home for the litters of kittens and cats in adoption centres.  Before you rush out to the local adoption agency or animal shelter do your research to make sure what age of cat is right for you.

What age is best for adopting a cat? 

Having a cat in a child’s life has many benefits.  Cats can help teach a child responsibility, learn empathy and respect for another species.  Parents must be willing to teach both the cat and the child the limits of behaviour and ensure that the interactions between the two is positive and safe.  Some adoption agencies have specific criteria for the age of the people in the house when applying to bring home a cat.  Things you need to think about when determining the best age of cat for your family:

  • Kittens require a lot of time, energy, patience and supervision.  Make sure if you have a small child at home that you have the resources to manage the needs of both the 2-legged and 4-legged baby
  • Kittens are fragile so small children should be supervised at all times as they pick him up, hug him and play with him
  • Kittens have sharp claws and sharp teeth and they like to use them.  They will not be afraid to climb up a child pant leg or sleeve and accidently scratching on their way.  Play should be supervised to make sure neither kitten no kid are injured.

Adopting a cat older than one year may be best fit for your family.  Kittens are a lot of fun and it is always a nice idea to watch a cat grow up with your family, however an older cat adopts to your household routine quicker, does not need as much supervision, and most adoption centres will be able to match the cat to your family dynamic.

Whether you pick an older cat or a kitten there are some expenses that apply to all ages!

Don’t forget to budget for food, routine veterinary care, licensing according to local regulations, Collars and identification tags, kitty litter and box, basic grooming equipment and supplies, toys and a carrier.

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