January is Train Your Dog Month!

Properly trained, man can really become dogs’ best friend.  We easily and quickly become attached to our companion animals.  Dogs are synonymous with love,

devotion and loyalty and have often earned the title of man’s best friend, it is our responsibility to bevtheir best friend in return.  Every dog owner wants their dog to be well behaved, comfortable and content in social encounters.  To achieve this, you need to train your dog to understand how to function in his human pack.  You can start training by attending classes led by a professional trainer or seek advise from a trainer for a specific behaviour you would like to correct.  Make sure you chose a trainer who has references and trains by positive reinforcement techniques.  If you cannot afford a trainer, there a multitude of training books available online or at your local library.  Setting up time and energy to focus on training your dog is not only great for your dog, but fabulous for you and the bond will last a lifetime.

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