It’s that time of year! Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Feb 10 -11

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the largest dog show in North America and brings together breeders, handlers, judges and dogs of all type to compete for the title of Best in Show.  The all-breed conformation show that has been held in New York City annually

since 1877 and the final awards are presented in Madison Square Garden.  Dog shows provide the opportunity to see breeds of all types, in all classes present the ultimate in breed standard.  If you are interested in adding a dog to your family, this show, broadcast throughout North America, will give you a total picture of dog breeds, their characteristics, and how they would fit in your life.  Dog breeders are very serious about the integrity of their breed and some spend up to $200,000

to get a bloodline into Westminster, yet the monetary prize money is nominal at best.  So why do they do it? Competitors in dog shows often say they are competing for the love of their dogs and the partnership in travelling and showing their breed to the public.  At the end of the day, showing simply comes down to pure enthusiasm for dogs for many owners. Taking home a trophy — or a polished pewter bowl — isn’t bad, either, but “it’s never about the prize,” says dog breeder VanDerHart.  “It’s about the thrill of the win. It’s about your dog going out there and doing well and succeeding.”

Dog shows are close to the heart of CanEVA Health Corp for several reasons.  Firstly, our mission statement is to share the knowledge and benefits of CanEVA PETS to increase the quality of life and mobility in aging dogs.  Secondly, and equally as important, the founder of CanEVA Health, David Harper competed and won at the Crufts Dog Show in England with his Otterhound. In memory of David, we salute the breeders, handlers and hounds who put it all on the red carpet! Good luck at Westminster!

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