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It’s not the’s the humidity – signs of dehydration

Summer is finally here and the wonderful weather we have been waiting for if upon us!  Along with the sunshine, green grass and blooming gardens the summer brings with it heat and the dreaded humidity.  July and August temperatures seem to always be accompanied with the temperature on the thermometer and the ‘humidity makes it feel like…” weatherperson caveat.   It is important to keep an eye on your health during the heat of summer.  Dehydration is often overlooked as a trigger in not feeling well during the summer.  Heat exposure if too much time is spent in hot or humid conditions can lead to increased fluid loss through excessive sweating.  Diabetes or kidney disease can cause a higher degree in loss of fluids and leading to dehydration.  A side effect of some medications may increase urination which leads to fluid loss. 

Being aware of signs of dehydration, like headaches, difficulty breathing, dry mouth or lips, dark yellow and strong-smelling pee, having to pee less then 4 times a day or lightheaded and dizzy.

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