Is your dog a target for Dognapping? Pet Theft Awareness Day February 14

We invest a lot of time and energy on home security, cyber security, automobile alarms, and GPS locators but what can we do to protect our pets from being stolen?  Over 2 million pets are stolen in North America each year, which seems like a staggering number.  The most common breeds are those which

have high price tags attached to them like Bulldogs and French bulldogs or small breeds like the Yorkshire terrier and Chihuahua are also popular because they are easy to snatch and run.  What can you do to ensure that your dog is safe from people looking to ‘dog flip” or appear with your dog looking for a reward once it is reported stolen?   Make sure your dog is microchipped and the data attached with the chip is up to date and current.  Never leave your dog at risk for snatching.  If you run errands with your dog, keep him close to you, on a leash and do not leave him tied up outside a store or café.  If it is not possible to bring him into the building, your dog will be safer and more content at home.  Dogs left unattended in the backyard should be securely locked in so gates cannot be opened and the dog cannot be lured out by strangers.  Dogs aren’t smart enough to learn ‘stranger danger’ and friendly, tail wagging dogs will say hello to anyone who invites them with a friendly word or treat.  Be cautious when you have to leave your dog in the car during a road trip.  Thieves have been known to actually break windows in cars to get to a high value breed.  For those of you interested in reading more check out “Dognapped! Frightening Facts of Pet Theft”

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