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Is #stayhome the right time to get a puppy?

A lot of people choosing to self isolate to respect the needs of our community are considering getting a new puppy.  Is this the right time for you and your family?  Breeders are reporting a surge in sales of puppies but before you surf online for the perfect breed and addition to your family, think hard about making a decision that will last long after the pandemic is over. 

The Pros of introducing a new dog or cat to your house right now include: lots of time to train, housebreak, build a routine and sleep deprivation won’t affect your job or school schedule!  Please remember that a puppy or kitten is not a distraction, or an amusement to get through isolation.  Make a serious, well-informed decision and not an impulse buy.  If you are certain, this is the time for a new puppy or kitten, why not visit a shelter first.  Local humane societies and shelters have great animals looking for their forever homes.  In this time of joining together think about the animals that need our help also. 

April is Adopt a Greyhound Month.  What a better way to celebrate this majestic, graceful breed then to explore the possibilities of giving a retired racing dog a permanent home.

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