How to manage osteoarthritis in your dog and cat

Osteoarthritis (OA) can occur in any breed of dog or cat at any time in their life, but tends to be effect senior animals more often.  Owners should be aware of the signs of OA to help mitigate the risk factors associated as the disease progresses.  Your pet may have difficult getting up or down, have difficulty standing to eat or drink, avoid stairs or getting up on the furniture, moving slowly and decreased enthusiasm for walks or playing.  Nutrition can help with long term managements of pets with OA.  Ensuring that your animal stays at a healthy weight is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk and modify the progression of damage on joints.  A balance of vitamin and minerals to ease the pain and improve the pet’s quality of life needs to be considered in the nutritional balance of the pet’s diet. CanEVA PET contains active ingredients that supplement an animal’s diet to assist in helping owners manage the effects and reduction of mobility in pets suffering from osteoarthritis. 

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