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CanEVA’s Tips For Holiday Pet Safety

Earlier this week, we shared with you some tips for holiday safety. Today, we’re sharing safety tips for your pets! Holiday pet safety is incredibly important, especially since most adorable little fluffs are good at sneaking. So you want to be sure everything is safe, in case they slip your watchful eye.

CanEVA Holiday Pet Safety

The Christmas Tree

For us, Christmas trees are the ultimate heart-warming sign of Christmas. For your pets, they’re a triangle of absolutely fascinating colours and shapes waiting to be batted at and chewed. So how can you make your tree pet safe?

  • Secure your tree! Anchor it to the wall to make sure your pets don’t accidentally topple it in an effort to check out the ornaments.
  • Don’t use decorations like garland or tinsel. If your pet swallows something like this, it could lead to anything from vomiting to a digestive tract obstruction, and could end up requiring surgery.
  • Keep glass ornaments and electric wires out of reach. Pets love to nibble and could get a shock, or swallow glass shards.
  • If you use a real tree, keep pets away from the water, and sweep fallen pine needles. Tree water can gather bacteria, and pine needles can harm your pet’s intestines.

Hazardous Plants

We’ve spoken before about things that are harmful to pets, but a lot of common Christmas foliage also fits the bill.

  • Poinsettias make a beautiful table centrepiece, but if your pets nibble, it can be dangerous. It can cause nausea and vomiting, and possibly worse symptoms if it’s been treated with a pesticide.
  • If you use mistletoe to add a little romance to your Christmas, make sure it’s out of reach! It can cause stomach upset, and even heart issues.
  • Holly, much like mistletoe, can cause stomach problems, a drop in blood pressure, possibly even seizures. Keep all forms of these plants – fresh or dried – away from your pet.

Holiday Snacks

Christmas means lots of treats, snacks, and party foods. And as tempting as it might be to treat your pet, it’s safer to stick to pet treats!

  • Keep chocolates and food with xylitol well out of reach of your pet. These items can be life-threatening for them. You should also keep spicy and fatty foods out of reach.
  • Keep drinking glasses out of reach, especially if they contain alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can cause sickness, possibly even lead to a coma. Consider putting up a decorated sign reminding guests to keep food and drink out of reach of your pets!
  • If you’re concerned you won’t be able to monitor your pet when you have company, consider giving them their own space, like a bedroom. Leave their water, bed, and some toys so they can enjoy themselves and relax.
  • Don’t give your pets bones from your cooked dinner. Cooked bones are a big danger for pets as they can easily break apart and hurt your pet’s stomach. Raw bones are better, but only if they’re large enough that your pet can’t wear it down and break it from gnawing. If you do give your pet a bone, make sure you supervise them the entire time.

Following these tips will make sure that you and your pet will have a safe and happy holiday!


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