Health Myths To Let Go Of – Part 2

Lately here at CanEVA, we’ve been talking about health myths that may be holding you back. And we’re here to dispel them! If you missed part one, check it out here.

CanEVA Health Myths To Let Go Of

I Can’t Lose Weight Because Of My Slowing Metabolism And/Or Genes

While it’s not a lie that our metabolism slows with age, it doesn’t make it impossible to lose weight. Our metabolism slows as we age because our body is no longer going through a growing process. While this does lead to decreased muscle mass and increased fat storage, it certainly isn’t unstoppable. As with any health related issues, a healthy diet, cardio exercise and weight training, sleeping well, and giving up bad habits such as smoking can help your metabolism. There are also a number of vitamins to help your metabolism. Even little things such as adding hot spices (such as chili or cayenne) to your diet can be helpful.

Much like metabolism, genes do technically have a say in your risk of obesity, but not the final say. Getting proper nutrition from the right diet can actually alter our genes so even someone who isn’t naturally thin is still able to lose weight.

I Don’t Have The Energy To Workout & Exercise Will Make It Worse

This is something we’ve all told ourselves at one point or another. Theoretically, it makes sense, right? In reality, small amounts of exercise can actually boost your energy levels. So instead of completely calling it quits, try a shorter workout. When your shortened workout is done, you may just have the energy to finish your whole routine after all! If you’re not convinced, work some extra cardio into your day. Take the stairs, or park far away from stores or work and walk across the parking lot. Little things will add up on days when you don’t feel like you can give it your all.

I Have To Give Up All The Foods I Love

“I’ll never lose weight because I could never quit eating pasta.” Chances are you’ve said something along these lines before. Maybe not about pasta, but about carbs in general. Or ice cream. Or dairy. Or whatever the current fad diet is preaching you cut from your meals. But there’s a magic word that allows you to keep eating your favourite things: moderation. As long as you are living a balanced lifestyle, and burning more calories than you take in, you can still eat things you enjoy. Don’t be afraid of healthy fats, or dairy, or carbs, or any food you love!


There are lots of stories that we can tell ourselves to keep ourselves in an unhealthy rut. But in the end, they’re just stories. You can be healthy. You can be fit. Let go of the myths that our information-saturated world would have you believe. Use CanEVA to help further your exercise routine, and find the healthy lifestyle that works for you!

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