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Happy MEW Day – It’s the day of the cat!

Cats – they are fluffy, comical, independent, celebrated from the ancient times of Egypt to the cat videos all over the internet.  Their characters are as diverse as the people they live with

, whether they want to cuddle on your lap all day or hideaway in their own little space.  Feline friendships have been shown to decrease blood pressure and lower stress.  Did you know that purring may actually help to heal bones, tendons and muscles? There is an interesting scientific premise that cats purring at a vibration of 20 – 140 HZ are almost triple the frequency rate of 18 – 35HZ for a positive healing effect. Get this one, a recent study at the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep reported that 41% sleep better with a cat in their bed.  A study of over 7000 people by Indiana University reported that watching cat videos on the internet increase energy and positive emotions, so thank you to all who post cat videos on YouTube! Time surfing the internet for cat videos is not a waste of time after all!

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