7 Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat

A little while ago we wrote about foods that are dangerous for your pets to eat. But sometimes when their sweet little eyes are looking at you, it’s hard to say no! But there are human foods that pets can eat! So next time you feel inclined to give in to those faces, try one of these treats! They’re safe for your pets to share with you. Just remember that any treat should be given in moderation!


CanEVA Human Foods Your Pets Can Eat


Canned or fresh cooked pumpkin is a great treat for dogs and cats alike. It is low in calories, and is a good source of fiber, particularly for cats. It is full of vitamins, and a good source of hydration for dogs and cats alike. Of course, this doesn’t include pumpkin pie!


Next time you scramble up some eggs, treat your pet to some as well! Eggs are a great source of vitamin D and protein. Of course, just as when you eat them, make sure the eggs are cooked well to avoid salmonella!

Cooked Meats

Meats such as chicken and fish are a great treat to share with your pets. Cats especially, since they are obligate carnivores. They have to eat meat to maintain their health. They are a great source of protein and vitamins for both cats and dogs. To be safe, make sure all the meat you serve them is cooked. Also, make sure that all the bones are removed! They can be hazardous to your pet.


Cantaloupe, watermelon, and other types of melon are a sweet treat for your pets. They are good for your pets’ eye and skin health. They can provide several different vitamins to your pet. Make sure to remove the seeds, and never let your pet lick the skin.


This treat is great for your pets; fresh or frozen! Strawberries help to strengthen the immune system. They also help with weight management and aging. They are high in fiber and vitamin C. A great and healthy treat for your pet!


Bananas are a great source of potassium for pets, just like they are for humans. They also supply vitamins B, C, and fiber. They help the heart and kidneys. They are high in sugar and carbohydrates, however, so it’s better to give them sparingly.


A healthy breakfast for you and your pet alike! It is a source of fiber for your pet, and it is a safe carbohydrate option for pets with a wheat allergy or sensitivity. It is high in protein, fiber, and several vitamins and minerals. Serve oatmeal cooked, and without added sugar. Alternatively, you can stir it into your pets’ food.


When cooked and served properly, many of these foods make a healthy alternative to store-bought bags of treats for your pet. These treats can often be the pet equivalent of fast food, and many pet owners aren’t aware! Giving your pet health-conscious products, such as CanEVA K-9, in your pets’ diet will keep your pet strong, healthy, and happy!

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