Financial planning for 2020 – Are supplements worth it?

CanEVA™ Health Corp is one of the leading companies of Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) products in North America, concentrating solely on EVA products for PEOPLE and PETS.  Our powder is manufactured to GMP,

is approved by Health Canada, and every lot and batch tested for purity and potency.  Our CanEVA™ products are clinically supported as supplementation for issues around joint inflammation, integrity of joint stability, mobility, vitality and muscle mass.  We recommend supplementation for all species who are experiencing loss of range of motion, pain on movement or decrease in muscle. 

Health Canada advises that a healthy and balanced diet can provide most people with the nutrients essential for good health. Supplements are only recommended for specific circumstances and often it is a matter of a deficiency.  For example, vitamin D for people over the age of 50, is consistently recommended by physicians because people over the age of 50, tend to have a Vitamin D deficiency.  In the same way EVA is a specific supplement for a specific purpose and should be taken accordingly.

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