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Feline Mobility – 5 Signs on Pain on Motion

CanEVA PET may help improve mobility in cats.  Research indicates that over 45% of cats, over the age of 10, are affected by pain on movement, stiff joints or decline in nutrients supporting joints.  Why are so few cats diagnosed with having mobility issues? 

Cats don’t show their pain in obvious ways and are usually not vocal when uncomfortable or hurt.  The responsibility is on the owner to learn the signs that might indicate their pet would benefit from supplementation.  Some owners attribute a decrease in movement to a cat getting old, or slowing down but pain on movement could have the same effect. 

5 Mobility Tests for pain free movement:

  1. going up and down stairs, confidently and quickly
  2. jumping up and down on furniture fluidly and without hesitation
  3. chasing toys, prey wands and using all 4 feet to balance and reach
  4. comfortable when being stroked and not shying from touch
  5. running normally without a limp or catering to one limb

This practical list is taken from data from a NC Veterinarian research institute based on robust data collected from over 300 cats with and without joint pain.1

The diagnosis of mobility pain in cats needs to be a joint effort between the owner and the veterinarian.  The owner need to watch for changes in their cat’s behaviour and report them to their vet. 

“Owners are so important for cats – veterinarians don’t see them in settings where these changes are obvious,” Gruen says. “So owners have to understand what may be causing these behaviors, then see their veterinarian. It’s remarkable how much cats still want to do when pain is relieved. When you see them get a treatment that works, it’s amazing.”2

Reference: Gruen, Lascelles and Enomoto published a paper on the development of the checklist in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery May 2020)

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