Elk Velvet Antler – Nail Growth

Did you know that one of the secondary benefits of CanEVA People is to help with nail and hair growth? 

Although this cosmetic claim is not included in the NPN for Elk Velvet Antler anecdotal observations from our clients have led us to investigate the possibility of EVA strengthening nails and hair.  Many of our customers commented that as well as increasing joint health, and helping to increase mobility their nails and hair seemed to grow faster and stronger.  Why would this be?  Nail and hair health is often a reflection of how healthy our bodies are, or what we are missing in our diets.  Biotin, a B Vitamin complex, is one of the leading supplements for nail health.  When we looked at how the B Vitamins converted to amino acids to increase nail health, we found the possible answer for nail growth and strength to be attributed to EVA.  One capsule of CanEVA PEOPLE contains both active amino acids and inactive triggering molecules to allow the body to absorb the IGF, EGF and amino acids for uptake to build muscle, and perhaps increase nail and hair growth and strength.  Nails, hair and skin are made of keratin, and to increase keratin supply in the body, the body requires protein.  CanEVA People provides the core supplement to convert to protein and increase nail growth. Please let us know if you have been a long-time user of CanEVA PEOPLE and have benefited from this secondary off-label claim.  We would love to see if there is yet another use of Elk Velvet Antler  nail health.

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