Elk Velvet Antler and Traditional Chinese Medicine – Anti-Aging

For a long time now, many communities and cultures have been using Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) to supplement their dietary needs and assist with their hormonal balance.  Traditional application of EVA is from the Far East and China at the heart of their ancient herbal routine.  Historically, EVA was used to increase energy levels, vitality, and stamina.  According to ancient silk scrolls that recorded the initial discovery of velvet antler was believed to be very powerful since it came from a rapidly growing antler that rejuvenated every year. The ancient discoverers believed that antlers were full of nutrients, living tissues, and growth factors during their regeneration stage. The old medicine discoverers were right. The velvet worked perfectly well. (Complete History of Deer Antler Velvet & Chinese Medicine by Pure Velvet July 18, 2018)

Chinese Pharmacology of the 16th century records the use of Velvet Antler under Pen Ts’oa Kang Mu and various antler preparation is presented in the form of pills, powder, ointments, tinctures and extracts.  EVA is being used as an ingredient for various bodybuilding and anti-aging supplements.  The question that is raised most often is why does EVA help with menopause and anti-aging? 

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is controlled by the principal of natural supplementation factors to enable the body to restore its natural balance and allow the body standard defense mechanism to cause healing on its own. It is a holistic strategy to body health.  Various research studies are connected to velvet antler reported by multiple scientific studies. However, the documents produced in Asia were not dependent on those scientific reports that are needed by the Western Medicine. At the same time, some of the Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, such as happiness and overall well-being cannot be measured easily by the Western Medicine.

The question that is raised most often is why does EVA help to slow down the aging process?  Hyaluronic Acid and collagen are identified active ingredients in CanEVA People.  Both of these ingredients are proven to effectively help with the appearance and tightness of skin, leading to a younger appearance.  The Elk Velvet Antler molecule works from the inside out, following the traditional Chinese medicine holistic approach to treat the body from the inside out.  Unlike cosmetics or lotions applied on the dermis EVA works at the cellular level to support the repair and growth from within.  EVA helps to ensure that the body is in a position to restore and maintain normal cell function and the natural relationship between all parts of the body.

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