Difference between Elk and Deer Antler

Deer and Elk Velvet Antler are very similar in many ways.  Elk (Cervus canadensis) is the largest of the deer species.    The weight and size of an Elk antler can be up to 1/3 larger than their deer cousin.  The velvet from both animals is similar in active ingredients and mineral content and both have been recognized in traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years for vitality, energy and inflammation. 

Regardless of whether the supplement you chose is sourced from Elk or Deer, the vital information is in the processing of the velvet and quality of the final product.  CanEVA elk velvet antler is freeze-dried to GMP standards, all batch and lots are tested to certificate of analysis and all Elk herds processed under CanEVA are controlled, registered and under the care of veterinarians.   

We encourage you stay informed on the supply chain, quality and manufacturing of any natural supplement you take.  We stand behind our purity and our potency.

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