Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas is a time of fun and excitement for young children and the dogs and cats who love them, but it also comes with a few cautions.

Christmas trees are fun to decorate and look festive when lit, but those hanging ornaments and smells of the great outdoors are irresistable to your pets. Make sure your tree is securely anchored to ensure it can not be pulled or pushed over.  Hang ornaments higher than your children or pets can reach.

Remember that a dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 times greater then ours, so no matter how pretty you may wrap that bone or dog treats, it may be unwrapped before Christmas morning if your pet catches a whiff of a fun prize inside.  You don’t want them over eating whatever gift might be under the tree for them.  That being said watch out for Christmas chocolates and the toxic effect it my have on your pets.

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