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CanEVA PEOPLE works to supplement the joints, build muscle and increase tendon stability.  We cannot promise the perfect golf swing but we can help your body manage the physiological response of the action.  There is a complex network of muscular and skeletal actions working in fluid cooperation to perform the efficient golf swing.  Supplementing with CanEVA PEOPLE helps with the mobility, stability, flexibility, and coordination that are all rooted in the conditioning and functionality of the muscles and joints responsible for your swing.

The main joints of the body that comprise the golf swing are the spine (which can be further divided into three parts – cervical or neck region, thoracic or chest region and lumbar or hip region); the shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist; and the hip, knee, ankle.  A lot of joints are put in play to allow the body to make the required movement for the club to accurately make contact with the ball.  The foot is probably the most important stable joint as it must make contact with the ground to keep you balanced and allow the transfer of power through the other joints.  Adequate ankle mobility is also required for the knee and hip to follow through. 

The risks of putting the required movements into action without excellent joint muscle conditioning are high. Several major joints are involved in a golf swing, and injury can occur at any one of these sites, making not only golf but daily movement painful.  Proper stretching, warm up, joint conditioning and training all lead to being on par, in your game and with your health.

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