CanEVA PEOPLE How joints work together and how Elk Velvet Antler helps

We often take for granted that our body is just going to be there for us.  It is going to pick up the coffee cup, type the text, carry us up the stairs, get us out of bed, rake the grass, plant the gardens, throw the bowling ball, swat the pickleball, smack the tennis ball and pedal the bike.  Our bodies have a pattern that alternates between mobility and stability.  The joints work in complimentary fashion so one join is focused on stability and the other on mobility.  For example, in the leg, the knee is the stable joint and the hip is the mobile joint.  In your upper body the shoulder is the mobile joint and the elbow is the stable one.  A stable joint only bends in one direction and a mobile joint can flex in multiple directions.  These paired joints have a reciprocal relationship.  If a mobile joint is unable to move in the many directions it is suppose to the stable joint is forced to bend or twist in a manner that it normally should not do.  Asking a stable joint to assist in the motion that a mobile joint is normally in charge of causes imbalance, pain, inflammation and eventually misalignment.

By understanding this simple relationship between mobile and stable joints in your body, you can identify your overall condition of joints and movement.  For example if your elbow begins to hurt during a tennis match notice what is happening with your shoulder.  The rhythm of your elbow and shoulder may not be in sync to perform the action.  If you feel your knee pull, or twist, check the mobility in your hip and see if these two joints are not working together. 

The best way to determine a plan of action and exercises for your particular needs is to undergo a full health assessment that will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. A health evaluation will look for disruptions to your pattern of mobility and stability and assign particular exercises to help stabilize and mobilize the joints that need work.  Take a yoga class with an experienced instructor and your mobility and flexibility issues will be identified.  Break out of your sedentary lifestyle and allow your body to move for man in motion is a majestic beast.  Sometimes we just forget how beautiful our bodies are. 

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