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CanEVA PEOPLE – First Ebike Experience

I believe my niece said it best when she told me I was getting old.  “You went from a 1200cc motorcycle to a Vespa and now an ebike?!”  She may have a point, but the inspiration of the ebike to get me moving, get me outside and working on my cardio was the boost I needed to shake the Covid blues.  If this is slowing down and two-wheel-transitioning with age, I’m in!

I sold my conventional bicycle and bought the ebike after researching makes and models to suit my needs and my geographical challenges.  Thanks to the boost from the motor, I have been riding more, riding further and riding faster!  Living in a town that is built around the Grand River, everything was either up or down a hill.  I am fortunate to have great bike trails within minutes of my house, but getting to and from the trials usually exhausted me before I even started.  My knees would throb, my butt would hurt and my heart would pound through my chest.  CanEVA PEOPLE made my recovery for my muscles and joints much faster after my first long ride and encouraged me to get back on.  Now hills are a breeze with the power assist throttle.  I’ve stopped using my car for trips around town, whether to the grocery store, the office or the kid’s house. Ebikes are the ultimate in versatility and my model folds in half and actually fits in the back of my Mini Cooper.  The battery charges in under 4 hours, lasts for 70 kilometers.  Now I can make it through intersections before the light turns yellow!

The trick for novice riders and ebikes is to make sure you have the right level of power for your needs.  A bike that has too much power may be difficult to control and move faster then expected.  A bike without enough power may not provide the power boost of energy you need.  Make sure you buy your ebike from an experienced professional who is aware of the capabilities of not only the bike, but your experience with throttle, braking power and speed.  Always wear a helmet, use your hand signals and obey the traffic laws as if you were on 4 wheels instead of 2 and enjoy the ride!

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