CanEVA Improves Dog’s Mobility

airendale terrier improved mobility from CanevaWe are receiving more and more testimonials from people who’s pets have responded to CanEVA for arthritis and joint mobility problems.

I wanted to share an email I received earlier this week.

Our customer wrote in to say she had bought a bottle of CanEVA-K9 “in August for my parent’s Airedale that is suffering extreme muscle atrophy in his hind quarter’s due to his heart medication.

He was having great difficulty getting up and even walking at times, but after a few weeks on CanEVA his mobility has significantly improved. He will even attempt walking on a bare floor – something he hasn’t done in many many months! Shocking!!”

It is so gratifying to hear back from customers on how CanEVA has helped them personally or their pets.

1 thought on “CanEVA Improves Dog’s Mobility”

  1. Hello Barbara……My Vet suggested this as a trial in place of the rymadil….My Ginger (Samoyed) who will be 15 years old in April has been on EVA for almost a year…..She also does water therapy between the both of them she walks at a very good pace with my almost 2 year old Samoyed for over and hour to hour and 1/2 a day. Her water therapy on the treadmill equates to 21/2 miles. I just wanted to share this and say thank you so much. This experience has been so wonderful.

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