CanEVA Health Corp. Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

In 2009, Health Canada awarded CanEVA with a Natural Product Number (NPN#) for CanEVA PEOPLE.   Health Canada regulates supplements and natural products and to protect Canadians’ health, they require these products to have an NPN# before being sold.  Carefully researching peer-reviewed published studies and working with a Site Licensed manufacturing company which follows good manufacturing practices (GMP), CanEVA secured the regulatory approval for Elk Velvet Antler supplements for people.

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) ensure products meet the appropriate quality standards for their intended use before they are sold.  Health Canada regularly inspects companies that manufacture and distribute or wholesale products for the purpose of sale in Canada.

The covid pandemic exposed what healthcare professionals, patients, and their loved ones have known for a long time: that the underfunding and increasingly restricted and limited access to timely care has increased wait times, suffering, and preventable death.  Now, as we slowly emerge from the covid battlefield the healthcare system is on life support with wait lists up to 2 years, and access to diagnostic and therapeutic resources at a critical stage, with many healthcare professionals running for the exits.  What does this mean for us?  Try your best to not get sick!

CanEVA PEOPLE is not a preventive supplement for illness but is designed by Mother Nature to assist in Joint Health, Vitality and Mobility.  Your health goes hand in hand with your activity, your diet and your sleep.  Ensuring that you keep moving and stay well is one of the cornerstones of keeping yourself healthy and out of the doctor’s office. Budget is always a consideration when determining what supplements you need, and how much you need.  CanEVA PEOPLE naturally contains the top 10 active ingredients to keep joints healthy and stamina strong.  CanEVA PEOPLE contains glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, omega-3&6, Collagen, Chondroitin, IGF, EGF and Amino Acids.  Compare our one product that contains a bevy of essential ingredients to the products on your shelf and make the right choice for your health and your wallet.

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