4 Benefits CanEVA Brings To The Gym

You’ve probably heard about elk velvet antlers’ arthritis-fighting capabilities. But that’s not its only use. Did you know that it can also help your exercise routine at the gym? Elk velvet antler can bring several benefits to your gym routine and help you go that extra mile.

CanEVA Benefits At The Gym

So how can CanEVA help you in the gym?

Elk velvet antler contains IGF-1*, or insulin growth factor-1. IGF-1* is a hormone that is molecularly similar to insulin. It contains 70 bonded amino acids, making it a protein hormone. This hormone provides a base to build connections between the receptors and muscle cells. This is a natural process throughout a person’s life, but tends to slow down with age. Protein is the second most important factor – after water – in your body healing itself, so keeping the process from slowing down is important. CanEVA can stimulate the growth hormones to keep you strong and healthy.

Technical terms aside, what exactly does IGF-1* bring to your workout?

Muscle Strength

Strength training is an integral part of a good gym routine, and building muscle is key to a strong metabolism and a better burn. Elk velvet antler helps build muscle mass and strength. IGF-1* increases the rate of muscle growth after a workout, and helps slow cell death. It causes muscle fibers to split, which creates more muscle fibers; a process called hyperplasia. Along with building muscle fibers, this helps reduce recovery time between gym visits.


Much like developing your muscle strength, IGF-1* can help you increase your endurance. This hormone helps increase lean muscle, which increases red blood cell production. The increase in red blood cells is what helps lengthen endurance capabilities by providing a steady flow of oxygen to your muscle cells.

Helps Strengthen Joints

The protein and metabolism increase from IGF-1* also helps to strengthen joints and keeps them healthier and more durable. The effects of this hormone stimulate cartilage growth and strengthen bones. This helps your joints operate more efficiently, and gives them some extra help and reinforcement in muscle strength and endurance. With your joints taking less abuse overall, CanEVA also helps to reduce inflammation of the joints.

General Health

IGF-1* improves the production of lymphocytes, which increases the number of both white and red blood cells. This naturally boosts the immune system, helping the body resist disease and sickness.

CanEVA can give you a  fantastic, all-natural boost in your gym routine. The IGF-1* hormone helps your health and performance in several ways and can get you the results you want from the gym faster.


If you’re interested in more information, visit our website to read a clinical study on velvet antler supplements: Effects Of Velvet Antler On Athletic Performance.

*Caution – athletes should check their association restrictions on performance enhancing products before use to ensure that elk velvet antler or IGF-1 are not on the restricted list.

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