Can your dog benefit from chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractors specialize in treating animals of all sizes and shapes, from horses, dogs, cats to animals in zoos and in sanctuaries.  How do you know if your dog or cat can benefit from these services?  Some signs of vertebral subluxation to look for in your pet include:

  • Sensitivity when being touched or groomed which is new or unusual behaviour
  • Sitting with their legs out to the side
  • Walking with a limp or appearing lame
  • Unbalanced muscle tone, one side of the body appears smaller then the other
  • Excessive licking of paw or leg (lick granuloma) If your pet is licking a certain spot it may be because of pain or discomfort

Does chiropractic help hip dysplasia in dogs and cats? For those dog’s that may not be a candidate for surgery or owners that opt for a conservative approach to managing symptoms of CHD/FHD, chiropractic is a great option. Chiropractic can help by: Keeping your dog’s skeletal system healthy at an early age.  Supplementing with a CanEVA Pet is a great way to help in joint health with dogs or cats suffering from hip dysplasia.  The active ingredients in Elk Velvet Antler CanEVA Pet, contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omegas 3&6, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Calcium, Magnesium, IGF, EGF, and Amino Acids. are both clinically and scientifically proven to help improve joint health, build muscle mass and improve quality of life in injured dogs. Mobility is only a click away, try CanEVA today.

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