Baby it’s cold outside – but how cold is too cold?

While dogs can feel cold in certain weather conditions, there are ways to protect them when temperatures drop. Pet owners have more options then ever; booties that protect sensitive paws, dog coats and sweaters, heated beds and even dry nose balms.  All dogs are physically able to go outside in the winter, it is just for how long and how often.  Cold weather dog breeds such as husky, Samoyed, Bernese mountain dog or St. Bernard are dogs that often enjoy the winter more then the summer.  Breeds with only a single coat or hair versus fur, like a poodle, Chinese crested, Yorkshire terrier, pointers and dalmatians will feel the cold more then their double coated counterparts.

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite so when out for walks or hikes it is important to check on your dog’s feet, nose and eyes to ensure they are not suffering from exposure.  Older or injured dogs are also more effected by the cold.  If you find that it is too cold outside for you, it is no doubt to cold for your dog.

Keep in mind that dogs are also affected by indoor temperatures and the dry heat in your home affects their coat and skin.  Make sure they access to water at all times and use a nose balm if their nose appears to be trying out from the heat.

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