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Ask the Trainer – Too much time with my dog?

“How do I help my dog adjust during self-isolation, when I go back to work?”

When will my people be home?

As we are spending more time at home with our pets our dogs schedule is being affected.  Dogs that are normally left at home during work days between 9:00 and 5:00 are now getting use to having longer walks, their human companions at their side and the energy and pace of every day being a Saturday!  To make sure your dog is ready for your inevitable return to a normal work and school schedule try to keep your dog in his regular rhythm.  If walks are longer, try to keep them at the same time.  Early morning, late afternoon and before bed.  Keep your feeding schedule the same and therefore not altering the ability to hold their bladder and bowels.  This will make sure housebreaking rules are still in place when they find themselves on their own again during the day.  Try to distance yourself from your pet occasionally, by either leaving the room, letting the pet outside (in a secure fenced yard) or closing a door to an office or den.  Enjoy the time you have to live in the moment with your pet and stay home, be safe.

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