Arthritis Awareness Month – Focus this week – Your Hands

Dealing with stiff hands can be one of the most frustrating parts of managing arthritis day to day.  Your hands are particularly prone to the pain and swelling associated with inflammatory diseases, whether OA or RA.  The ability to move your wrists, knuckles and fingers are essential in accomplishing every day tasks.  CanEVA PEOPLE is a natural source of the 10 top active ingredients identified as helping with joint mobility and joint health.  Supplementing your diet is a great idea if you need it, but at CanEVA we believe that supplementing must go hand-in-hand with exercise to obtain optimal results.  Exercising can seem daunting when joints are swollen and painful so keep reading for easy, stress-free hand exercises.

Try doing these exercises throughout the day, be gentle and move slowly.  For each exercise try to do 10 reps at a time and if anything hurts…STOP!

1. Make a fist

Start with your fingers straight and then slowly bend your hand into a fist. Make sure your thumb is on the outside of your hand. Don’t squeeze too tightly, then straighten again.

2. Bend your digits

Stretch your hand in front of you, palm up. Then take each finger and move it very slowly to the center of your palm. Hold it, then straighten.

3. Thumb bends

Bend your thumb towards your palm—if you can reach your pinky that’s cool, and if you can’t, go as far as you can, hold and then start again.

4. Make a Letter C or a letter O with your fingers

Move your fingers like you’re going to grab a little ball, and try to form a shape of a C or an O. Go as far as you can (an O would be making a complete circle with your fingers and thumb). Straighten your fingers and repeat.

5. Thumbs up

Have your hand in a loose fist with the pinky side of your hand on a table. Then point your thumb to make the thumbs up sign, put it down, and repeat.

6. Finger lifts

With your palm flat on a table, fingers spread slightly, lift each one slowly off the table, then back down before raising the next.

7. Easy squeezes

Grab a tennis ball or a stress ball and squeeze gently. AVOID repetition and adding weights to any exercise. 

Try CanEVA People today..  Exercise and supplementation go hand in hand.

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