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April 27 National Little Pampered Dog Day

Pampered pets probably don’t need a day to celebrate as each day of their lives is a celebration, but today we salute that certain breed of dog owner that pampers their pet!  Spa days, weekly grooming sessions, dog strollers and even pedicures all add up to spoiling the 4-legged companions in our lives.  Pampered pets have a certain reputation as pocket puppies or purse dogs and are usually toy breeds such as poodles, Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas to mention a few.  All dogs deserve to be pampered in a way that is beneficial to them and CanEVA PET is one way to pamper your pet from the inside out.  An Elk Velvet Antler supplement that contains 10 active ingredients to help ensure your dog, no matter what breed she is enjoys a pampered quality of life and active lifestyle.

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