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Animal Pain Awareness Month – 8 Signs that your Dog may be in Pain

Dogs and owners don’t always speak the same language but your dog will tell you if they are in pain if you know how to read the signs.  When a dog is in pain they change their behaviour in ways that should be recognizable to their owner.

  • A dog will be verbal and cry out, yelp or growl when experiencing pain.
  • You may notice that your dog is sensitive to your touch or will resent normal handling.
  • A dog in severe physical pain may snap at you, without intent to hurt you but as a warning that they are hurting
  • Be quiet, less active, or hide.
  • If pain is a joint, muscle or tendon your dog may limp or be reluctant to walk.
  • If the pain is related to an organ or so severe that a dog cannot stand or sit comfortably, they may stop eating.
  • Pain affects a dog’s breathing and heart rate.  Rapid, shallow breathing could be a sign of pain.
  • Because your dog does not understand why or where the pain is coming from, they may excessively lick or groom the area, hoping to relieve the pain by ‘licking’ away the problem.

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