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Active Ageing

Active Ageing is a buzz term to promote healthy living as we age, but what does that really mean? Researchers globally and in Canada have identified lifestyle factors that contribute to better health as we age.  A lot of these we know and have heard of time and time again: Get outside for a walk in fresh air every day if you can, engage in social activities, keep on learning new things, eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods, be positive about aging, help others by giving and nap an hour a day. However, current pandemic conditions make some of these more difficult.  Walking is always something we can do and studies show that no matter how far or long you walk, a good outing is important both physically and mentally.  Social activities have definitely taken a different form, and for some that includes zoom calls, video chats or driveway meetings.   Make an effort to stay in touch by reaching out to friends and family and keep your social circle established. 

A lot of people have used the pandemic to increase their knowledge and taken online courses in different languages, attending courses, reading about new things and watching informative shows.  Helping others has also changed in definition as social centres are closed and volunteer positions require more stringent boundaries, but you can always find a way to help out and give back to the community. Keeping a positive attitude when the world around us has changed so drastically can be difficult.  As we age, we tend to look back instead of ahead which now more then ever can give us comfort.  It is vital that the history that made us all be shared with generations following us that need to believe in a future, not just a past.

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