10 Fun things to do with your Dog this summer

#1 Take a hike on a new trail or path! Discover the many parks and trails in your area

#2 Find a new dog park and let your pet take a run and make new friends

#3 Make a customized paint by number picture of your pet at www.canvasbynumbers.com.  Use your favourite photo to make a piece of art

#4 Explore the pet friendly festivals in your area

#5 Offer to walk your neighbours dog or a pet of an elderly friend.  Socializing your pet is great for you and him!

#6 Hold an old fashioned dog wash event! Get the buckets and hoses out and take donations for a local animal shelter

#7 Volunteer at an animal shelter, learn about the therapy dog program in your area and visit a nursing home or hospital

#8 Start a blog about your summer adventures with your pet and chronical your journey

#9 Take a pet first aid course and learn how to help your dog with any emergency that may may come up

#10 Do a spa day for you and your pet!

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